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When it comes to animal nutrition manufacturing and products, scale is important. And at Provimi North America, Inc., we have scale. We produce hundreds of thousands of tons of livestock feed and specialty nutrition products each year. But true success in toll/ contract feed manufacturing and products means more than scale. It means research. It means quality and confidentiality. It means technology that ensures traceability. And it means respect.

We’ve built our considerable experience in feed manufacturing by providing products and solutions with a distinctive difference for our customers. Provimi North America can be a partner you can count on for integrity, excellence and profound respect for you and your manufacturing needs.

The capabilities in our Provimi North America manufacturing locations run the full gamut in livestock feed and specialty nutrition production. We have more than 500 ingredients in stock to meet your specific needs. We also feature ingredient scanning and lot control using bar-code technology that gives you the highest level of assurance in traceability.

As a customer, you get what you want. We produce powders, meals, pellets, blends and ingredients to meet your specified size, weight, texture and bulk density requirements. Our packaging options are flexible, too. We offer bulk, bags, totes and pails.

Our research batching, pelleting and scale-up area helps you produce new products or specialty/research diets in smaller quantities with exacting detail and under commercial conditions. And, of course, we’re big enough to handle production campaigns for your established products. Our breadth of experience and strong relationships with leading suppliers of vitamins, trace minerals, pharmaceuticals and other ingredients have made us the partner of choice in blending premixes, base mixes, pellets and feed-grade medicated products. We have what you need to get it done with precision.

Success in toll/contract manufacturing requires confidence. Provimi North America offers you the expertise to ensure a confident result. We’re proud of our HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food certifications. We have four U.S.-based 
animal nutrition research facilities that run more than 100 research trials annually. 
In addition, our research staff includes nationally-recognized leaders in equine, pet, 
poultry ruminant and swine nutrition who are there to help meet your technical needs.


We’ve invested in lab facilities with the latest in testing technology – such as Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) – that enable us to produce products to exacting detail and with specific properties in performance, handling and quality.

And we get the product to you on time and in good hands. Our transportation fleet delivers what you want, in the packaging option you require, and when you need it.

Combined, it adds up to a level of confidence unsurpassed by others in the industry. And it comes with our utmost assurance of confidentiality and respect. It’s what you can expect from Provimi North America, Inc.


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