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Provimi North America, Inc.
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Your Partner in Animal Nutrition

Welcome to Provimi North America, Inc. Our brands and go to market teams serve the livestock and poultry industries with nutritional expertise and superior products. We've built our considerable experience in animal nutrition manufacturing by providing products and solutions with a distinctive difference for our customers.

Provimi North America is a partner you can count on for integrity, excellence and profound respect for you and your animal nutrition needs.

Headquartered in Brookville, Ohio, Provimi North America provides blending, manufacturing, distribution and nutritional services to the feed, dairy, meat and egg industries in the United States, Mexico and parts of Canada.

We operate through our familiar brands featured below, which are manufactured at our strategically located plants.

When partnering with Provimi North America, Inc., you can expect respect; expect precision.


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Provimi North America, Inc., is proud to support agriculture education and the National FFA Organization.


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Provimi North America, Inc., is proud to support the Animal Agriculture Alliance to help educate the public about responsible animal agricultureand provide science based information on the key agricultural topics ranging from animal welfare to biotechnology to environmental impacts.


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