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Akey has a history of over 50 years of aggressive growth and is widely recognized as a leader in nutrition solutions. Akey is deeply committed to assisting customers in understanding and using nutritional technology to optimize animal performance and lower the cost of production. Nutrition services include diet formulation, feeding program recommendations, product line development, employee training, custom research and technology agreements.

Progressive Nutrition is a research-based company with unsurpassed commitment to quality. Drawing on the largest, most complete nutritional staff in the business, Progressive Nutrition formulates its feeds to complement the type and quality of forages horses consume, which makes it easier to feed the correct amounts of each feed per day. Progressive Nutrition works with horse owners to deliver the nutrition and health a horse needs to meet its genetic potential. Owners have the flexibility to precisely meet the individual requirements of their horses, including enhanced muscle development, increased stamina, optimal growth & development and peak performance.


Vigortone has been a provider of livestock nutrition programs and products for over 100 years. In 1912, Dr. E.B. Fenton, a practicing veterinarian, started selling “Vigortone” to eastern Iowa farmers. Dr. Fenton had established a reputation with winning racehorses, animals that demonstrated more “vigor” and muscle “tone” than the competitors. Local farmers wanted him to mix vitamin and mineral mixes for their livestock as he had for their horses. In the 1920s, Dr. Fenton established his farmer-dealer distribution system where a Vigortone farmer-dealer would sell to a neighboring farmer. Today – as a nutrition company selling mineral premixes, base mixes, supplements and custom products – the business continues to flourish by anticipating and adapting to advances in livestock nutrition and management.

Sunglo has become a leader in providing feeds for the rapidly growing livestock exhibition market. A quick look at their website shows the level of success their customers have experienced at fairs and exhibitions.

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